Indoor Organic Garden – Natural and Healthy!

An indoor organic garden is a garden where you don’t use synthetic products such as pesticides and fertilisers, but rather opt for natural alternatives. It’s a good way to enjoy the full health benefits of gardening and to stear clear of the harmful effects of chemicals.

The main benefit of orgnic gardening is that you’re not exposing yourself and your family to potentially harmful chemicals in pesticides. If you’re planting herbs or vegetables, you’ll be getting produce that is healthy and grown in a fully natural environment.

An example of a dangerous chemical that you would avoid in organic gardening is ammonium phosphate. It’s found in most non-organic plant foods/fertilizers. Traces of this chemical on your herbs or veggies can cause skin and breathing irritation.

Pest Control

So how do you avoid the pain of pests without using those super effective chemical pesticides? Well, there are a number of organic pesticides available on the market, such as Orange Guard, or you can make your own mixture to get rid of indoor gardening pests. Planting different types of plants amongst each other (called companion planting) should make the garden more resistant to pests. Read about other indoor gardening pests and what plants can be used to naturally repel them.


Composting indoors can be limiting and cause unpleasant odours. So I wouldn’t really recommend it if you have no way of moving it outside. You can buy ready-made organic compost in gardening stores. Add this to your containers to improve organic growing by providing your plants with the organic nutriets they need.

Organic soil

You can buy organic potting soil at any good gardening centre. It’s free of synthetic chemicals and forms the basis of your organic garden.


You can grow any houseplant organically, although you gain most benefits with food, such as an indoor organic herb garden or an organic tomato indoor garden. And you can’t but feel great when you eat organic produce. It feels so much purer than food that’s been exposed to chemicals where you have no idea what you’re eating.