Indoor Herbs – Fun Flavours For Food!

My first attempt at growing indoor herbs was the first time I planted anything indoors in our flat. And they’re great indoor plants. You can plant them in containers in your kitchen for easy access while you cook up a storm!

I prefer to start off with planting seeds, because it’s a lot of fun watching them germinate and grow into plants. But you can always pick up some grown herb plants in your supermarket if you want to start using them right away.

Growing herbs really makes sense. They’ll save you money (seeds are far, far cheaper than purchasing fresh cut herbs). They’re even fresher than the ones you get at the shop. And if you have a decent selection, they may just save you from a last-minute trip to the supermarket!

So what herbs should you grow? It depends very much on your needs.

Let’s have a look at some good ones, what to use them for and why they’re a good choice.

Herb Usage
Parsley Garnishing all sorts of dishes. Goes well with potato dishes. Helps with smelly garlic breath!
Chives A condiment for fish, potatoes and soups. Also good to add some flavour to a salad.
Mint Adding to summer drinks such as Pimms and lemonade. For mint sauce/jelly which goes well with a roast.
Coriander A herb with lovely flavour used in Asian cooking.
Basil Very versatile. Italian cooking, salads, sandwiches.
Oregano Also great in Italian dishes.
Garlic Lovely in almost any dish. Very healthy! Use parsley to deal with garlic breath. Garlic is a bulb, so you can plant a clove form a bulb you have purchased at the supermarket.
Sage Flavouring meets or used in stuffing.
Rosemary Mediterranean food.
Thyme Flavouring meats, soups and stews

And I’ve just touched the surface of herbs that are suitable for your indoor garden, but they’re good ones to start with. They certainly won’t go to waste if you enjoy cooking! If you’re into using herbs for medicinal or healing purposes, you’ll find a whole range of extra herbs to use.