Indoor Gardening Tips for Good Garden Care

My indoor gardening tips will prevent you from making some of the same mistakes I’ve made during my journey of becoming a gardener. As I learn new tips, I’ll share them with you on this page. Gardening is an endless journey of discovery and learning and you’ll pick up some of your own indoor gardening tips too. Why not contact me so I can share them here?

Peter’s Top Tips

Know Your Plants

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While many plants are very forgiving, one of the best tips I can give is to read up about each plant that you have so that you understand its special requirements. Doing this upfront will reduce the chance of having to do troubleshooting later on. This is especially true for light and water requirements, and particularly important for fussy plants such as orchids.

Plants to Keep Away from Kids

Unfortunately, many plants that you may have in your home are poisonous (and some deadly). This makes it very important to keep these out the house or at least out of the reach of your children.

Year Round Indoor Gardening

One of the benefits of the indoors is that you can do year round indoor gardening. You can even do gardening indoors in winter, even in cold climates. Put your plants that require direct sunlight right near a window. Leave the curtains or blinds open when you leave the house during the day to ensure you maximise their exposure to the weaker winter sun.

Vacation Watering

If you go on a longer holiday, you’re going to have to consider your indoor garden. There are numerous vacation watering tips, from covering the plants with plastic bags to using shoelaces and panty hose! Or for longer periods, placing them in the bath.

Indoor Gardening Tips - Vacation Watering in the Bath


Most plants enjoy humidity of around 60%, while cacti can live with far less. The thinner a plant’s leaves, the more humidity it needs. Keep an eye out for curled up leaves, a symptom that the air is too dry for the plants. Consider getting a humidifier to increase the humidity in your home, or using a spray bottle as a mister.

Rooting Plants

Rooting plants is the process of growing roots on a plant cutting in order for it to be able to grow itself. There are several ways to do this, including the use of a so-called rooting hormone or rooting compound.