Indoor Gardening Guide

Indoor Gardening Guide –
Practical Steps to a Better Garden

My Indoor Gardening Guide contains a lot of useful advice to help with planting a garden and making it better. It’s a good one-stop shop for information about gardening indoors and growing houseplants.

Indoor gardening is a really fun hobby where you get to see the fruits of your labour (pun intended again) every day in every room in your house or flat. I’ll show you the history of indoor gardening as I build up this section of the site.

The guide takes you practical step by practical step through each of the how-to topics Indoor Gardening Guide - Pot Plantson houseplant care, and also introduces some useful resources such as magazines and indoor gardening books that are a great addition to your bookshelf.

Indoor gardening comes with a lot of challenges. You need to know how to deal with indoor gardening pests, diseases and other indoor gardening problems.

Indoor garden design is an interesting and important topic, especially if your garden serves decorative purposes. There are ways to position your plants that make all the difference to your home. I’ll tell you about how to use architectural and specimen plants and grouping your smaller plants so they get the attention they deserve.

Or maybe you want to design an indoor garden room or use hydroponics or aeroponics.

I’ll also take a look at indoor gardening water solutions, from best practice to using technology to water your plants. Can you use bathtub water for watering? We’ll look at that too!

Your journey of learning gardening wouldn’t be complete with reviews of some indoor gardening books. I really suggest getting at least one to fuel your passion for gardening and inspire creativity.

Finally, my guide would not be complete without looking at some great indoor gardening gifts for your friends and family who are green thumbs.