Indoor Gardening Equipment – Tools to Make your Gardening Easier

There’s a big selection of indoor gardening equipment on the market to make your life easier and more fun. Whether planterscompost tumblers or water dispensers, there’s something to suite everyone’s needs.


Indoor Gardening Equipment - Tools

An indoor garden kit is the best way to get started with indoor gardening because it has everything you’ll need in one package.

Once you’ve got some experience and want to have a more productive indoor herb or vegetable garden, you may want to investigate a grow closet.


Garden tool sets provide all the gardening tools you need to look after your indoor plants.

Garden composters are compost tumblers you can use to make your own compost. Yes, you can do this indoors!


Indoor Gardening Equipment - Spray Bottle

Indoor garden hoses can be attached to the kitchen tap to water your plants easily.

Spray bottles are a must-have for any indoor gardener! They spray a fine mist of water (or pesticide) over your plants. They’re useful for tiny plants that might not cope with the flow of water from a watering can.

Indoor gardening water dispensers range from watering cans to the fully automated options.

Grow rooms

If you’re a serious indoor gardener and have a grow room dedicated to growing plants, indoor gardening shelving will help to make great use of vertical space.

Fans for indoor gardening assist with circulation and getting rid of hot air.


The Aerogarden is an indoor gardening “appliance” that uses hydroponic technology. They’re a quick, easy solution to growing herbs and vegetables really quickly.