Indoor Garden Supplies – Stuff to Make Your Garden Shine

Various indoor garden supplies are available to get the most out of your garden. These range from growing media, fertilizers and nutrients to filters and garden gnomes. Common garden supplies are available at most good gardening or hardware stores. Many backyard decorations are great for balcony gardens. For the more specialist gardening supplies, you may need to turn to the web.

Growing Media

  • Rockwool holds large quantities of water and air and is great for seed germination as well as holding plants in a hydroponic setup.
  • Compost crocks are containers for you to collect kitchen waste before putting it in a compost heap. They’re available in many attractive designs.
  • Grow rocks – A hydroponic growing medium made from expanded clay
  • Vermiculite – A hydroponic growing medium or soil conditioner
  • Potting soil is critical to most conventional gardening

Fertilizers and Nutrients

Plant food or fertilizer is the best way to improve the growth or yield of your plants. Organic plant growth stimulants provide a safe way to improve yield. Bat guano is an organic fertilizer that is effective. It’s a good idea to keep a small stock of your growing supplies – you never know when you’ll need them.


  • Light timers are used to ensure that artificial plant lighting (grow lights) are switched on and off at the correct times to ensure that your plants get the light they need
  • pH meters are devices for measuring the acidity of the soil
  • Misters produce a fine mist to water your plants

For information about other garden tools, take a look at gardening equipment.


Air filters are used in conjunction with a fan to replace the air in a grow room and control odours. Carbon filters are effective at removing impurities from the air.