Indoor Container Gardening

Indoor container gardening is a fun and rewarding pastime that at the same time has the benefit of beautifying your home. Containers give you a lot of flexibility — it’s easy to move them around while the plants are growing to position them in the way you want.

Types of Containers

There’s a huge variety of indoor gardening containers available on the market and you can even make your own. You’re only limited by your own creativity! Clay pots are a good choice because they are porous and they provide your plants with good air circulation.

One thing to bear in mind when selecting a container is that it must have one or more holes in the bottom to let out excess water. You should also always place a saucer/tray under the pot to collect this excess water, or things could get a bit messy!

Hanging planters can be used on balconies or even indoors if you have a suitable structure from which to hang them.

If you have a smallish plant and only floor space to put it on, consider getting a indoor plant stand to elevate it so that it’s visible and gets more light.

Grow bags contain growing medium for your plants and provide a convenient alternative to normal pots.

Container plants

You can grow a huge variety of plants in containers. And they don’t only have to be decorative plants. You can also grow herbs and vegetables that you can use in your cooking.

Container herb gardening

Harvesting your own herbs and veggies is immensely rewarding and adds another dimension to your gardening.

Cooking with herbs and vegetables that you grew yourself is really something special. And you just won’t find herbs of the same quality at your local supermarket.

Indoor container vegetable gardening is possible with more veggies than you may think. Take a look at the Veggies page for more info.

Flower Container Gardening

Flower container gardening brings the beauty of your favourite flowers into your home. Orchids may be a little more difficult to grow than other varieties, but their beauty is well worth the extra effort!