A Hanging Terrarium – Reconnect Your Home with Nature

A hanging terrarium is a fantastic way to bring nature into your homewith very little effort, care and shelf-space! As people we have a basic need to connect to nature. Some people have the luxury of space and time to keep lovely, large gardens that satisfies this need. But for many of us who live in smaller homes and live a rushed lifestyle, it’s all too easy for this critical connection to nature to be lost.

Terrariums bring nature indoors and into your life. And they hardly need any care, which makes them especially good for today’s lifestyles. Especially the hanging ones which go wonderfully with modern decor as well as older styles.

I’ve collected some pictures from around the web that should give you some idea of how intriging these terrariums are:

Hanging Terrarium - Hanging Drop Terrarium Hanging Terrarium - Glass Cigar Shape
This tear-drop shapped terrarium from Terrain hangs from the ceiling on a sisal rope. I like the strong contrast between the rough rope and the smooth, clear glass. Juicy Leaf produce this super stylish glass terrarium ideal for air plants.
Hanging Terrarium Globe Hanging Terrarium - Drop Shape
Hanging globe terrarium from Amazon Hanging drop-shaped terrarium from Amazon

Great, aren’t they?

Of course, you don’t have to buy an off-the-shelf terrarium. Look for glass containers of all shapes and sizes that would be suitable for hanging from a ceiling or room divider.

Air Plants

Air plants are great for putting in hanging glass terrariums. Because they don’t need soil, there’s less in the terrarium to obstruct your view. This is especially important if it is hanging quite high.