Container Herb Gardening – Super Easy Flavour!

Container herb gardening is the way you will generally go if you want to plant your herbs indoors. You may be lucky enough to have an interior soil bed, but chances are you will need to use pots for your herbs.

Putting herbs in containers is also useful if you want to keep them outside for natural light, because you can bring them indoors in winter if you live in a country with a harsh winter.

Growing herbs indoors in containers has several advantages over outdoors:

  • Plants are less likely to be affected by pests or disease
  • It’s really convenient to have your herbs growing in your kitchen!
  • You can grow them throughout the year

Choosing Good Containers

Your choice of containers is almost endless. One of the main decisions you will be faced with is whether you want a single container or multiple pots. There’s no straightforward or correct answer.

A single container will take less space overall and add less clutter. Smaller pots can add character to your garden and make it easier to keep different herbs separate, although there’s generally no need to do this. At the time of writing, I have a mixture. I have a number of herbs growing in a longer, rectangular container and have some garlic growing in its own clay pot.

Clay pots are great because they can breathe, aerating the soil better than a plastic container. Make sure, whatever container you end up choosing, that it has drainage holes at the bottom!

Window Boxes

Window boxes are an interesting and characterful alternative to ordinary pots and containers. If your house or flat is not fitted with window boxes, you’ll need to purchase brackets and have them fitted to hold your window boxes.

Good herbs to grow in window boxes are basil, chives, dill, oregano, sage and coriander.

Potting Soil

Herbs do well in standard potting soil. Make sure you use new, fresh potting soil when you sow new herb seeds in all your container herb gardening to prevent the spread of bacteria, disease and pests from old plants.


You can get herb seeds at most well-stocked supermarkets or garden stores. Sometimes you get mixed packets containing a variety of garden herbs. These prevent you from buying full packs of each seed, but you may not know what varieties are in the pack!

Read the instructions on the seed pack for planting instructions, and following the advice in my free “Build Indoor Herb Gardens” how-to guide!


Make sure you position your herb garden containers by a window that will receive lots of sunlight for most of the day. This will ensure they get all the light they need ot grow quickly.

Container herb gardening is a lot of fun and is a valuable addition to any kitchen!