Window Greenhouse -
Grow a Garden in Your Window

A window greenhouse is a special type of window that is also a greenhouse. Instead of being a normal single pane of glass, it is a (usually glass) box into which you can put plant containers.

A window is a great place for a greenhouse. Firstly, especially if facing South in the northern hemisphere (or North in the southern hemisphere), it will get lots of natural sunlight which is great for growing plants that need full sun. Secondly, it is conveniently located to access the plants from indoors.

Window Greenhouse by BF Rich


Apart from the obvious design considerations, such as whether it will look good on your house, there are a number of important things to consider if you decide on a greenhouse window:

  • Water run-off if you overwater
  • Is building approval required in your area for such changes or by your body corporate if you live in a housing estate?
  • If you have children, will the window be dangerous to them while playing outside. Ideally you shouldn't put a greenhouse window near where the kids play. It's just asking for a ball to hit it!

What to Grow?

Garden windows are perfect to put in a kitchen window to grow some herbs for use in your cooking. Having herbs easily accessible in the kitchen will mean they get more care and attention and are more likely to be used in your cooking.

Flowering plants are also a good choice. They're beautiful and go well with almost any room in your house.


Some garden windows are proper windows that replace existing windows while others are designed to be attached to the outside wall around an opening in the wall or existing window. In both cases, I recommend getting a professional to fit them.

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