Tropical House Plants – Your Easy Growing Friends

You’ll find many of the most common indoor plants are tropical house plants. Tropical plants do well indoors because as in the tropics, they are usually in the shade of tall trees and the temperates are relatively high and never fall below freezing. So they’re great for growing at room temperature.

The only challenge growing tropical plants indoors is that they’re used to high humidity. You’ll notice that many of these plants have shiny leaves designed to let excess water run off. But humidity is a challenge that we can get around. I’ll show you how!

Getting Around Humidity Issues

The humidity in our homes, particularly when the heating’s on, is lower than tropical plants’ native habitats. The most obvious way to increase humidity is to ensure that your plants are watered sufficiently. A moist soil will increase the humidity near the plant.

For those plants needing even more humidity, you can use a spray bottle to mist them now and then.

Some Common Tropical Indoor Plants

Peace Lily

The peace lily is an attractive plant with dark, glossy leaves, producing lovely white flowers. It’s very easy to grow and can deal with relatively low light levels.


Bromeliads are epiphytes, meaning that they grow on other plants or objects. They come in lots of different forms including the popular air plants.


Orchids are beautiful flowering tropical plants. Although a bit trickier to look after, they’re incredibly rewarding and definitely worth the extra bit of effort.

Tropical House Plants - Kentia Palm

Palms such as this Kentia palm are excellent, attractive plants with a real tropical feel. It can stand alone nicely as a specimen or feature plant with space around it for its fronds to grow.

Dumb Cane is a common houseplant with variegated leaves, making it a good choice as a foliage plant. Beware that this plant is highly toxic.

The magnificent bird of paradise, also called the strelitzia and resembling a bird will brighten up any home. It’s native to South Africa and it’s pretty easy to look after.