Miniature Indoor Gardens – Gardening on a Smaller Scale

If you live in a flat or apartment, your space is limited and you need to create miniature indoor gardens as a substitute for having a backyard. I don’t see it as a restriction, rather an opportunity to focus on your gardening on a smaller scale. It’s like doing macro photography instead of landscape photography!

Indoor gardens are also a great activity for kids to do during winter when they’re stuck indoors looking for something to do. Get some pots, some plants and seeds. In addition to being a load of fun, they’ll learn the names of plants and how to look after them.


A miniature garden can consist of several pots together or one larger pot with a number of plants. Keeping pots shallower will prevent the plants from getting too big.


There are many types of gardens that you can create. See what garden themes you can use, including cactus gardensZen gardens and rock gardens. Cactus or succulent gardens are very low maintenance and really interesting to look at. It’s a great way to get introduced to indoor gardening.

Good Plants

The variety of indoor plants is huge. If it’s your first garden, choose a hardy plant such as the pothos plant. Or maybe some succulents or cacti.


Bonsais are ornamental trees or shrubs that are purposefully grown to prevent them from reaching their natural height. They look like small versions of large trees, which is exactly what they are.

Some people are not to keen on the idea of bonsai. They feel it’s a bit cruel restricting a majestic tree from growing to its full potential. But if it’s your thing, bonsai can be a great addition to your miniature garden, that will also play a decorative role in your house.


The most important factors to consider when caring for your indoor garden are lighting, watering and soil. Check which plants are suitable for the available light. Some plants favour shade while others require direct sunlight.

Use new potting soil to prevent disease. If you’re planting succulents or cacti, use special succulent potting soil. Follow the watering instructions appropriate for the plant.