A Mini Greenhouse for a Controlled Growing Environment

A mini greenhouse lets you totally isolate your plants from the seasons which do still have a bearing on indoor plants. Greenhouses give you full control over the climate for your plants, including temperature and humidity.

Miniature greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes, and you can even build your own. Some are floor-standing closet-like structures while others are for table-tops. And size-wise, you can get anything from a tiny, single-plant greenhouse upwards. It really just depends on your needs.

Mini Greenhouse

A small green house will allow you to make better use of your balcony, especially during winter.

A clear greenhouse will give you the same light that would naturally fall where it is placed. So the same rules apply for lighting as if you weren’t using one. Full sun plants mean the greenhouse must be near a window getting most sun.

If you don’t have enough space near your windows, you will need to look at supplementing the natural light with artificial light. This means you will need to investigate using grow lights. Grow lights are not ordinary lights but are tailored to produce light in a wider spectrum used by plants.

Grow lights (particularly high-intensity discharge lights like metal halide and high-pressure sodium) generate heat that may need to be partly dissipated by a fan.

Another advantage of greenhouses is that they help keep out pests.


Mini Greenhouse - Terrarium

A terrarium is an enclosed ecosystem that can include animals. The idea is to create a miniature landscape in your home. Greenhouses are more about practicality and productivity, while terrariums are meant to look attractive. Kind of like a decorative greenhouse.

Fun for Children

Hape produce this little greenhouse for children. What a great idea to your son or daughter into gardening. And by using a greenhouse, they’re less likely to spill the soil. What a lovely design.

Mini Greenhouse - Hape Kids Greenhouse