Indoor Water Fountain – The Sound of Running Water in your Home

There is nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of running water. An indoor water fountain can bring this beautiful sound into your entrace hall or living room, transforming it into an ultra classy and elegant space. And the good news is that indoor water features require less maintenance than the outdoor ones!


You can position your fountain with potted plants as part of an overall indoor garden design or it can be placed on its own as a standalone feature. Choose what is right for your space. The obvious rooms to put them in are entrance halls and living rooms. But think outside the box. Try bedrooms and dining rooms too.

Be careful that there isn’t electronic equipment near the fountain. You never know when someone will bump the fountain or when your cat decides to go for a swim!

Indoor Water Fountain - Wall Mounted Fountain

Indoor fountains come in all shapes and sizes from modern through to ones with a natural stone look. You can get features that are wall-mounted, floor-standing or tabletop. Keep in mind that you will need an electrical outlet nearby to power the fountain’s pump.

Fountains do not need a water supply. They run off the water that is in the bottom basin and simply cycle this by pumping it to the highest point. So there’s no need to worry about plumbing!

Health Benefits of an Indoor Fountain

Indoor Water Fountain - Tabletop Fountain

Running water acts as a humidifier and also produces negative ions that remove pollutants from the air. If you have a fountain in or near your bed room, you can leave it on overnight as a natural background noise that should drown out some unnatural background noises that may wake you up, allowing you to have a deeper sleep.