Indoor Tabletop Garden – Turn Your Table Into A Showpiece!

An indoor tabletop garden is a great centrepiece to your coffee or dining room table. It’s also a great way of adding a some life to an otherwise boring and sterile office!

Your tabletop garden can take many forms. It can consist of even just one pot. Or it can be an elaborate collection of a number of containers. You can choose a theme such as Japanese, or even a bonsai. Or maybe you just want to put in some of your favourite plants.

If you’re making a garden for your dining room table, remember that you’ll probably need to move it each time you have a meal at the table. So bear practicality in mind when putting a garden on a table that’s functional. To many containers on a functional table may make the garden more of a pain than a pleasure.

Indoor Tabletop Garden


You’ll need to consider the light that’s available on the table and choose plants that suite it. Many dining room tables and sideboards aren’t at a window that receives full light during the day. The light may be dappled, or it may be entirely in the shade. So look for plants that like the shade.

Container Selection

As usual, look for a pot that has a drainage hole and a saucer. By putting a pot on a table, you will want to make sure that the bottom of the pot isn’t rough, so that it doesn’t scratch and damage your table.

Some pots have little rubber “feet” that will prevent scratching. Otherwise, you should put the pot on a coaster or placemat. Another idea is to glue some pieces of cork to the underside of the container.

Use flatter containers if the table gets heavy usage. For example, coffee tables in a living room. You don’t want people knocking over the pot and covering everything in soil!

Plant Height

If you want to put a plant on a coffee table that’s in front of the TV, just check that it won’t block the view of the TV! It may sound obvious, but it can be a difficult thing to judge upfront.