Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring your home to life. Although a lot of people use them purely for decoration, there are also a lot of useful plants. Plants purify the air and put you closer in touch with nature. This is especially important living in a built-up area.

There’s a huge variety of container plants suitable for your indoor garden. What you choose really depends on your needs — herbs, vegetables and fruits, decorative or even to clean the air. Or maybe you’ll be happy with the most common house plants that we all love.

If you have children or pets, take care when looking at getting poisonous house plants.

Some Good Kitchen Herbs to Add Spice to your Cooking

Canna Flower, Photo by Maja Dumat -

Herbs are probably the most viable culinary plants. I say this because we don’t tend to use vast amounts of them. So your indoor herb garden could feasibly replace your need for jars of certain dried herbs.

These are good ones to start with:

  • Parsley
  • Sweet Basil
  • Coriander
  • Oregano

Bay leaves come from the Laurus nobilis tree (also called Sweet Bay). This can be grown indoors, but does take up more room than the other herbs I’ve mentioned.

Great Vegetables and Fruits

Although you most likely won’t be able to replace a regular trip to the supermarket, you can grow a couple of veggies indoors. Some to try:

Growing strawberries also works well indoors and can be done year-round!


Almost any plant will serve as a decorative plant. Look for taller ones as floor plants. What you consider to be decorative will depend on your personal taste, the design of the room in which it’s placed and the effect you want to achieve.

The Pothos Plant (also called Devil’s Ivy) is most popular. Canna is also an extremely popular choice with red, yellow or orange flowers. If you’re looking for something more exotic, try Aloe plantsGrowing garden moss indoors is a great way to add some lush green groundcover to your indoor garden.

Other fantastic beginner plants are tillandsias, also called air plants. This amazing plant can grow in air without a growing medium such as soil!

Indoor palm trees are great feature plants that will bring that tropical feeling into your home or office. Interestingly, many of the common indoor plants are tropical house plants.

Flower bulbs produce some of our most stunning plants, including daffodils, tulips and lilies. The beautiful crocus flower grows from a corm (like a bulb). If you want to do this out of season, I’ll show you the technique of “forcing bulbs”.

Plants with Strange Behaviour

Some plants are very interesting because of their behaviour. Yes, behaviour! You’re probably aware already of the famous Venus Flytrap that is a carnivorous plant and snaps closed to catch its prey. Well, it’s not the only plant that moves. The Prayer plant’s leaves move at night as hands move together to pray. And its one of the easier indoor plants to look after!


If you want a water garden (a garden where the plants just grow in water), you will need to select plants that are classified as aquatic or semi-aquatic and are capable of living and growing in water.

Some aquatic plants:

  • Anubias
  • Parrot’s feather

Semi-aquatic plants where you should have the roots submerged but the foliage out of the water:

  • Sweet flag
  • Umbrella palm

The variety of indoor plants is astounding. With limited space, you’re going to have to be very selective! Choose only your favourites! Or try some unusual house plants to get the conversation going.