Indoor Plant Stands – Put Your Finest Plants on Display

Indoor plant stands are a great way to highlight your plants for display. Not only do they raise plants so they can be better seen than on the ground, using a dedicated stand for a plant accentuates them really nicely.

Multi-level or tiered pot stands have several shelves so they can hold a couple of plants (normally three) in a very small space. They’re great if you live in a small apartment and want to make the most efficient use of the little floor space you have. They’re also great to maximise usage of space on a small balcony or deck.


Plant stands come in a dizzying variety of designs to suit any taste. Some have drawers which can provide a little extra useful storage. Stands also come in different materials such as wood and metal. There’s definitely something to suit your home.

Indoor Plant Stand with Drawer Indoor Plant Stand Column Design
Indoor Plant Stand for Multiple Plants Indoor Plant Stand - Multi-Level

Placement Tips

Here are some things to consider when deciding where to put your plant stand:

  • Foot traffic – you don’t want people to knock over your plant stand. They’re not the most stable things. Rather put it somewhere with little to no foot traffic, or against a wall
  • Light. Think about the light that your plant needs, or choose a plant that will enjoy the available light where you choose to place your stand. Most indoor stands will be placed out of direct sunlight so you’re best of with shade-loving plants.
  • Lighting. At night, you may want your plant to be nicely lit with indirect mood lighting, or even direct spot lights. Think about where the lights will go and wiring.

Functional Plant Stands

Indoor plant stands are not always for decorative indoor use. Some are made for functional growing where you may use grow lights. These consist of bigger shelves that can hold a number of plants. Lighted indoor gardening plant stands come with built-in grow light wiring.


Plant stands aren’t the only method of elevating your smaller plants to present them nicely. Something that is quite fashionable is using tall standing pots even for smaller plants. These are more stable but also much heavier than pot stands, but an interesting alternative to indoor gardening stand solutions.