Taste your indoor herb garden?

An indoor herb garden is one of the most rewarding types of indoor garden! Especially if you also like cooking, like me! There’s nothing quite like preparing a lovely meal with fresh herbs that come from your own indoor culinary herb garden.

Herbs bought in the supermarket are expensive. In fact, they cost more than a whole pack of seeds. And how often do you not finish them, leaving the rest to lose their freshness in the fridge? It makes far more sense to grow your own and enjoy the freshest, tastiest, organic herbs!

Indoor Herb Garden, Herb Seed Mix

If you’re new to this, have a look at the free Build Indoor Herb Gardens How-To Guide.

Follow these herb garden tipsto make sure you get the most out of your herbs.


There are a couple of ways to plant an indoor herb garden. You can go the aeroponic or hydroponic route for example, or stick with a traditional soil-based garden.

Good Herbs

With such a big selection, how do you choose which indoor herbs to plant?

Some of My favourites are:

  • Parsley – so useful to add to so many dishes
  • Sweet Basil – great for adding to pasta!
  • Coriander – my personal favourite for lovely Thai dishes. Amazing aroma.

Indoor Herb Garden, Herb Label


Growing herbs indoors is very easy. You need:

  • A container
  • Some potting soil
  • Seeds
  • Labels (optional but recommended)
  • And water of course!

You may decide to buy these individually or go for an herb garden kit which includes all you need.

Put the soil in the container (see container herb gardening). Then make some holes in the soil with your finger. The seed packet should contain instructions as to how deep you should plant the seeds and how far apart they should be. Cover with some soil. Write the seed name on a label and stick in the soil. Then water.

I strongly recommend using a spray bottle. If you pour water from an old jar, it may cause the seeds to rise above the soil. A spray bottle or sprinkler type watering can will soften the impact.


Water daily initially until the seeds have germinated. Thereafter water as required. It’s sow rewarding (pun intended) to see your herbs come to life!


Lighting is important, especially as we’re planting indoors. Herbs need sunlight. Put them somewhere where they will receive lots of natural sunlight — right near a window on a window sill that gets good sunlight is ideal.


Carefully pick leaves from your herb plant just before you need them for ultimate freshness. No need to wash them (assuming you only used water, i.e. no pesticides, etc.). In fact, this way they’ll have the best flavour!

So, you have your indoor herb garden all set. In our little flat, I have to be quite careful with which herbs I decide to plant so that I can make best use of the space. But there’s no reason you can’t have a productive little culinary herb garden, no matter how small your apartment is!