An Indoor Greenhouse – Maximise Your Planting Space

An indoor greenhouse is a great way to grow plants indoors without direct sunlight or very regular watering. It’s a good way to maximise the planting space available in your house. You can even set up your greenhouse in the garage or cellar. Because we will be using artificial lighting.

A greenhouse is basically a garden that is enclosed, to keep the moisture from evaporating, providing a humid environment for your plants to grow.

Interior greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes, from an entire room or cupboard through to a mini greenhouse the size of a fish tank. And of course you can make your own!

Greenhouses are fantastic for gardening throughout the year, because you are isolating the factors that change with the season — light, humidity and temperature.

Make Your Own Shelved Greenhouse

You can easily create your own “shelved greenhouse”. Create a wooden frame and enclose using plywood. Ensure that you have sufficient holes drilled to allow for the electrical wiring you will need for the grow lights.

Ideally you will want a timer device to control the lights, and reflective foil to maximise plants’ exposure to light. As you want to retain as much heat and moisture as possible, use glue to make your wood joints practically airtight.


Generally, you will want artificial lighting for your greenhouse. For a couple of reasons:

  • Firstly, you probably don’t want something that may not be attractive in a very visible part of your home.
  • Secondly, using artificial lighting means you can use shelving and have more plants in a smaller space.
  • Thirdly, you can put your greenhouse in any room in the house – even a cellar.


There’s nothing wrong with hand watering using a watering can. If your greenhouse has a huge number of plants that makes watering very time consuming, or if you’re away for long periods, it may be worth investing in an automated watering system.