Indoor Gardening Gifts – Ideas for All Occasions

Indoor gardening gifts come in all shapes and sizes. You’re bound to find something for your friend or family member with green fingers. I’ve put together a list of some great gift ideas suitable for various occassions, be it a birthday, father’s day, mother’s day or even a wedding.

When buying a gardening gift, make sure you know what type of indoor gardening the recipient enjoys. Is it cactus, decorative, Zen, herb or hydroponic gardening? Also try to get an idea of what plants and gadgets he/she already has.

General Presents

A subscription to an indoor gardening magazine is a great year-round present for your budding green thumb. If she’s a keen cook, an indoor herb garden starter kit would be a wonderful present!

Seed Paper that Grows

Botanical Paperworks produce “seed paper that grows”. What a lovely idea for anyone — a birthday, mother’s or father’s day card that they can plant and grow flowers!

Gifts for Him

Gadgets and tools are good presents. An automatic plant watering system is great, especially if he travels a lot. If your recipient is quite picky and you’re not sure what he wants, a gift card for a gardening shop or home improvement store is a safe bet.

If he’s quite a serious indoor gardener, indoor grow lights or a set of shelves with built in grow lights may be just what he wants!

Gifts for Her

Ladies generally enjoy making gardens look pretty, so anything that can contribute to this is a good idea:

  • Attractive watering can
  • Flower plants
  • Aesthetic
  • Anything that enhances the look of the garden
  • Gift basket with assortment of gardening gifts

One of a Kind Gifts

If you’re looking for something unique, how about a terrarium. Terrariums are enclosed glass containers for simulating a habitat. For a gift that’s also decorative and great for creating a peaceful atmosphere, take a look at indoor Zen gardens.

Or maybe you can find a personalized gift that you can customise in a way that makes it special.

Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas

For weddings it’s best to get something that will last. Like a piece of furniture. Have you thought of plant stands? Find one that will match their house well.

Plants are always nice gifts for a gardener, and the choice is obviously huge. Peace lilies are lovely as are so many others. Try to choose something that will match the his/her personality.

A nice clay pot (make sure it has a drain hole and saucer) is a nice smaller gift if you’re not looking at spending much money.

A bonsai tree is another possibility for a wedding, but try to get a feel if the couple would like bonsai. Some people don’t like them because they feel it’s a big majestic tree that is being restricted from growing to its full potential.