An Indoor Garden Room – Reconnect with Nature

An indoor garden room is a room in your house that has a garden theme. It may be a dining room, living room or a conservatory. In fact, it could be any room in your house!

Your garden room can be a quiet, meditative space where you can relax and reconnect with nature.

When designing a garden room, you should consider:

  • Colour
  • Light
  • Water features
  • Aromas
  • Utility


What do you want the the predominant colour to be, and how does this fit in with the wall colour and furnishings? Flowers can bring wonderful colours into your home and also lovely scents.


Availability of direct sunlight through windows will influence what kind of plants you can use. When you select plants, check what their light needs are.

Water Features

Water features can add another element of the outdoors to your garden room. The sound of flowing water is very relaxing and very special to have indoors.


Different plants produce different aromas. What scent do you want in your room? Lavender? Roses?


You may also want to use your garden room to store your gardening books and tools. So consider putting up a bookshelf and putting your favourite gardening books on display. You can use a drawer or box to store your gardening tools. Or maybe make them a part of the garden as props.


What would your garden room be without a nice place to sit and read? Make sure you have seating that will let the room serve its primary purpose (e.g. dining room chairs in a dining room) and look to complement this with more relaxed seating for you to enjoy the room!