Indoor Garden Planters – Choosing the Right Container for Your Plants

There are so many indoor garden planters or containers available on the market today! We’re really spoilt for choice. Choosing the right one is important for your plant and the space it’s in.

You’re either going to be looking for a planter for plants you already have, or will choose a planter you like and then look for a plant that will go well in it.

Container Sizes for Indoor Gardening

The main thing you need to consider when choosing a container is the size of plant you want to put in it. Find out how big your plant will get when it’s mature, and find a pot that can accommodate it. If you’re unsure, ask someone at your local nursery or garden store.

Big containers have become very fashionable. Be aware that although it will draw in visitors’ eyes, it’s likely to draw their eyes away from smaller plants. You should strike the right balance of plant size and pot size.


Synthetic, metal, wood or ceramic containers? How do you choose? Here are some of the good and bad bits for some common planter materials.

Material Good Bad
Synthetic (plastic, glass fibre)
  • Can look like natural materials
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Conserve moisture
Metal Heavy (difficult to move) Heavy (good for stabilising bigger plants)
Wood Retains water well Susceptible to rot
Ceramic Attractive
  • Dries out quickly
  • Heavy

When looking at big containers to use on your balcony and you live in an apartment, bear in mind that some buildings have a maximum weight per square metre restriction to which you may need to adhere.

Getting Creative – Make Your Own Gardening Container

Some old non-plant containers such as metal washing tubs, old wheelbarrows or buckets look really quaint. If you do reuse and old containers, make sure that they haven’t contained chemicals that are toxic to people or animals.


There are all sorts of planter designs and what you choose depends mostly on personal taste. But sometimes you may want a container design that serves a special purpose.

Vertical containers help you build a vertical garden on your balcony or porch. An example of these are the Agro Tower planters, which can be stacked one on top of the other to form towers, as shown in the picture below.

Indoor Garden Planters - Agro Tower

Indoor Garden Planters - Vertigarden

If you’re going to be moving your container a lot, you may want to look with a container with wheels. It’s especially useful if the pot is very heavy.

Hanging planters let you make use of often-forgotten about spaces. They’re great for strawberries.

Speciality Pots

Some indoor garden planters are made specifically for certain types of plants, such as this special strawberry pot:

Indoor Garden Planters - Strawberry Pot

Pot stands

Pot stands raise small planters so that they can be better seen. They’re great if you don’t have an existing piece of furniture with space for your pot, or if you want to put something in a little corner that’s not big enough for another piece of furniture.

Planting Using Glass Containers

Glass containers can be lovely containers for plants when set up as terrariums. Terrariums are gardens in (mostly enclosed) glass containers. If enclosed, they are generally very low maintenance.

Indoor Garden Planters - Hanging Terrarium