Indoor Garden Hoses

Indoor garden hoses are very useful if you have a large number of plants in a rather small area, for example a grow room or garden room. The hose makes it really easy to quickly water all your plants without having to go back and forth to the kitchen sink to refill a watering can or spray bottle.

A Good Indoor Hose

A good indoor hose will have a spraying attachment to soften the water. Make sure it is a convenient length that can comfortably reach all your plants without having to be stretched and without knocking things off tables! In the same breath, you don’t want it to be too long that it is unwieldy and takes up your limited space.

A coil hose is really useful for indoors because it is much easier to handlethan an “untrained” hose. There’s no need to roll it up once you have finished using it, and it doesn’t look bad as a permanent installation in a grow room.

When you buy an indoor hose, make sure that the hose can connect to your tap. You might need to get an adapter at a hardware store.

Alternatives to Hoses

If you’re in the market for a hose, you may want to consider setting up an automated irrigation system. One huge benefit of an automated system over a hose is that you can set it to water your plants while you’re on holiday. I’ve recently installed a very simple automated sprinkler system for exactly this reason. And it really wasn’t expensive. If you only need one circuit to be configured at a time, you can get away with spending only $50-$60.

And setting it up was child’s play. Really simple. Within an hour, I had a fully functional system configured to water for ten minutes two times a day. If you’re interested, I purchased a Gardena system. And so far, I can highly recommend it.