Growing Houseplants to Liven Up your Home

Growing houseplants is a great way to make your house more homely. Houseplants add colour and character to your rooms. Got an empty corner in your room? Put in a houseplant! It’ll brighten it up.

Having houseplants puts you closer in touch with nature, providing much needed greenery and cleaning the air around you. This makes them very important. It’s also a lot of fun seeing your own plants grow from seedlings into large, healthy plants.

There’s a massive variety of indoor plants to choose from. Each one has its own special characteristics. For each open space in your house or on a counter, there’s a houseplant that will look at home.

Houseplants don’t need to be decorative (such as aloe plants), they can be useful too! Herbs and vegetables will be welcome additions to your kitchen, providing fresh organic herbs and vegetables far cheaper than you can get them for at your local supermarket.

Choosing Containers

Containers come in all shapes and sizes. Your choice depends largely on your taste, but you should make sure that the pots have a drainage hole at the bottom and a saucer to go underneath to capture any excess water.

Unglazed clay pots are great because they provide the soil with more aeration than plastic pots.


Different plants have different lighting requirements. This will dictate where you can and can’t put a plant. For example, my Peace Lily at the entrance to our flat doesn’t require direct sunlight so is very happy in a shady spot just next to the front door.

On the other hand, the herbs in my kitchen need lots of direct sunlight, so I had to place them by the kitchen window. Make sure you read about your plant’s lighting requirements before deciding where it should live.

Care of Houseplants

Of course you have to take care of your houseplants by watering them regularly and checking for pests. If you go away often, have a look at cacti and succulents as low-maintenance plants.