Growing Herbs Indoors – Enjoyable and Productive

Growing herbs indoors is easy and very rewarding. Not only do you have the pleasure of seeing your seeds germinate and grow into fully grown plants, you also get to enjoy your own organic produce in your cooking.

Getting Started

Getting started with indoor herbs is really easy. You have three broad choices:

  • Get a herb garden kit
  • Purchase the seeds, container and soil separately
  • Buy a seedling to transplant

Herb kits are a great way to get started because they have everything you need — a container, some soil and selection of seeds.

If you can’t find a suitable herb kit or are looking for a specific pot that you like, you may have to buy the various bits separately. The most important considerations are:

  • Your container must contain drainage holes at the bottom to let water through, and have a saucer to catch excess water
  • If you intend to plant more than just one herb, you will want a container that has a reasonably large area
  • Purchase ordinary potting soil that holds a fair amount of water
  • Choose the seeds you would like. Basil, coriander, chives and parsley are good choices. There are many more indoor herb choices.


Herbs like a lot of direct sunlight so you’ll want to put them near a window that gets many hours of sunlight each day. If you want to grow herbs in a dark room, you will need to get some grow lights. These may be high-intensity discharge lights such as HPS lighting (high pressure sodium) and MH lighting (metal halide) or LED grow lights.


When planting, make sure you use fresh potting soil to ensure that it is clean and free of disease.


As a beginner gardener it can be tricky to know if you’re watering your herbs enough. You want to ensure that the soil is moist all the time. This means you’ll need to water a fair amount. A small spray from a spray bottle is not sufficient. You’ll get a feel for the right amount of water as you gain experience with herbs and indoor gardening in general.