Grow Light Reflectors – Improve your HID and Fluorescents’ Efficiency

Grow light reflectors are hoods with reflective surfaces that are used to direct the light produced by a grow light towards the plants. Many grow lights produce undirected light. Only some of the light that is produced reaches your plants. Reflectors improve the lighting system’s efficiency by helping direct all available light to the plants.

Light is one of the key factors in plant growth and artificial light should be used efficiently to keep electricity costs down.

Grow lamp reflectors can serve three purposes:

  1. They can serve as a fixture to hold the bulb
  2. They increase the effectiveness of the grow light by directing available light towards the plant
  3. Some reflectors are designed to provide cooling of the grow light bulb, which in turn lets you put the light closer to the plants to make even more use of the light that is produced

Choosing Reflectors

Grow Light Reflectors

There are a number of factors to consider in choosing a reflector for your indoor garden. Some of these are:

  • Size and layout of your garden
  • The lighting configuration. Reflectors are mainly used with fluorescent nd HID lights
  • The intensity of light needed by your plants

Designs and Prices

Reflectors come in a number of different designs (tube, parabolic, wing reflector, etc.). You will need to choose what suits your budget. Cheap light reflectors can start at around $40 with more expensive ones costing over $300.

Grow Rooms

If you have a grow room or grow closet, you can line the walls with reflective film to make sure that you are making full use of the available light. Many grow closets will already have this as standard.


Using light reflectors will increase the heat radiated downwards towards your plants. Because of this, you’ll need to consider using a fan to move hot air away from your plants to prevent them getting burnt or getting too hot.