Garden Moss Indoors – Lush Green Groundcover

Growing garden moss indoors adds a very attractive element to your decorative indoor gardens. It’s relatively easy to grow and fairly low maintenance.

A container for planting moss should be wide and narrow. Moss has a super shallow root system so doesn’t require much soil. Place some stones at the bottom of the container so that it can hold extra water. This will keep the soil moist for longer.


Garden Moss Indoors - Moss Close Up

In nature, moss grows in moist, shady areas. So you should try to replicate this indoors. Keep your moss in a lightly shaded area out of direct sunlight which may dry the moss too quickly and cause it to burn.


Use a spray bottle to mist the moss. Moss thrives in warm, humid conditions. So it should be kept moist, but do not saturate it as it may rot.

Growing Moss from Spores

Moss does not produce seeds. Instead it produces spores. You can grow moss from spores, but it will take a long time. I recommend rather taking cuttings to propagate moss. It’s not a cutting in the traditional sense. You should try to get some of the soil as well.

Irish and Scotch Moss

Irish and Scotch moss are not real mosses, but rather a flowering ground cover that looks similar to moss.

Warning Against Using Milk

A common method of getting moss to grow outside on concrete is to create some kind of concoction involving buttermilk and beer, and then applying this to the areas you would like the moss to grow. Although it does work, doing this inside will make an awful smell that you really won’t want permeating your home!