Garden Gnomes – Clay Folk to Look After your Garden

Garden gnomes are popular accessories for outdoor gardens and they can be used indoors as well. Not everyone likes them, but I think they add another element of interest to your garden. They can also make good gifts.

Garden Gnomes (© camdoc3 -

The idea of gnomes in gardens comes from Germany during the 19th century where there are apparently around 25 million gnomes in gardens throughout the country. The trend has spread throughout the world since then.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Common ones are with wheelbarrows, fishing rods, spades or maybe just lying down having a rest. But these days you can get them in virtually any conceivable style and doing almost any pasttime you can imagine. I’ve seen biker gnomes, Warcraft themed ones and even ones that have baskets on their backs doubling as bird feeders.

Accessories and Decorations

You can also get accessories to enhance your gnome display such as fairy doors or mushrooms. These will help if you want some props to create a scene.


Clay-based gnomes can be rather fragile, so be sure to put them aside when you do your gardening so you don’t risk knocking one over or hitting with a spade by accident. Something I’ve learned the hard way.