Backyard Decorations – Ornaments to Spruce up Your Garden or Balcony

Backyard decorations can bring your garden to life. Lots of garden decorations are also suitable for indoor or semi-indoor gardens, such as balcony or patio gardens.

The selection of decorations for gardens is absolutely astonishing. We’re really spoilt for choice!

Arches (Arbors)

Arches are popular and great to serve as a trellis for creapers. They add so much character to a backyard or larger balcony.


Backyard Decorations - Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes originated in Germany as a way for “people to enjoy the stories of the gnomes’ willingness to help in the garden at night”.

Clay Ornaments

There are so many clay ornaments available these days. You can use plinths and statues to give your garden or balcony a Roman or Greek feel. Used carefully, you can make your visitors feel like they have stepped back in time.

Water Features

There’s nothing quite like sitting in your balcony garden or backyard, surrounded by the natural colours of your garden, listening to the relaxing sound of running water.

Water features can form a centerpiece of a garden, or you can use one of the wall-mounted ones as a side-piece.


The most obvious decorations in a container garden are the containers themselves. Once again, you’re spoilt for choice! Choose pots that suit the plants as well as the space.

Bird Houses

Birds are beautiful and fascinating to watch. A bird bath should attract birds to your yard. On your balcony, consider getting a hanging bird feeder to attract the birds.