An Aquarium Terrarium – Using a Fish Tank for Your Aquarium

An aquarium terrarium is when you make use of a glass aquarium as a container for growing plants in a closed ecosystem or terrarium!

Aquariums are great containers to use for terrariums because they already have a number of desirable properties that you want in a terrarium. They’re made of clear glass and designed for viewing from one longer side. They come in different shapes and sizes that are convenient and of course, they’re readily available at every pet shop if you don’t have one lying around already.

Fish bowls are also interesting varieties of aquarium containers to use for a smaller terrarium.

Choosing a Good Aquarium to Use

Although almost any aquarium you have around the house will do, if you’re buying a new one, there are a couple of things you should take into account.

Plant and Decoration Size

If you have certain plants in mind, you will need to choose an aquarium that is large enough to hold them comfortably. A very small tank will limit your choice to smaller plants. A large tank brings its own challengessuch as how to fill it without it looking bland and empty.

Many people like putting decorations in their terrariums to give them character or a theme. You should keep this in mind when choosing your aquarium


Where are you going to put your terrarium? Consider the size of the surface or table you’re going to put it on and how light falls. If your aquarium of choice has an image in the background, just remember that this will block out light from the back. If you were counting on having light supplied from behind, you may need to rely more on artificial lighting.


Of course, the design of the aquarium and your personal taste will be a big factor in choosing a tank, as will your plan and vision for the terrarium.

How to Set Up your Terrarium

Once you’ve chosen your aquarium, you’ll need a couple of things to make it into a terrarium. Don’t leave the pet shop too soon, because you’ll be able to pick up the aquarium gravel and most likely some nice decorations too.

Aquariums often use a black lid that holds a fluorescent light. If your terrarium gets very little to no natural light, keep the fluorescent light on to provide the plants with the light they need. You don’t want your terrarium to be in direct sunlight because it’s likely to cook the plants.

If you’re using a gold-fish bowl, you’re going to ideally want to have a lid to keep the moisture in and make it into the closed ecosystem that makes a terrarium so easy to look after.

Get some aquarium gravel, gardening charcoal, metal gauze, soil and plants then head over to read about building a terrarium for step-by-step instructions.