Aerogarden – Fast, Carefree Indoor Herbs

The Aerogarden is an indoor garden “appliance” made by a company called Aerogrow. It is aimed at providing a clean, easy way for you to quickly grow herbs and vegetables indoors.

It’s a very interesting indoor gardening system based on aeroponics and utilising artificial light to accelerate growth. Aeroponics is the technique of growing plants in air with 100% humidity rather than soil. There are a couple of benefits to aeroponics:


  • Soil-borne diseases are avoided due to the absence of soil
  • Plants require less space to grow
  • Very low maintenance. Once the system is set up, it practically looks after itself
  • Grow is faster and yields therefore higher

So there are a number of compelling reasons to use aeroponics, and I haven’t even listed them all!


One thing to bear in mind if you decide on an one is the cost of replacement lightbulbs which are around $20 each (USD, give or take) and it’s suggested they are replaced every six months.

What You Can Grow?

Aerogrow’s indoor gardens work with a variety of seed kits, also supplied by Aerogrow. These kits include:

  • herb seed kits
  • flower seed kits
  • salad seed kits
  • vegetable seed kits

You can even grow cherry tomatoes, which are really exciting plants. They are so versatile and tasty and they make a wonderful healthy snack.

Should You Get One?

They’re a fantastic idea if you are pushed for space and don’t have sufficient light to grow herbs or vegetables (most of which like full sun). They’re also great if you want to plant these in winter in countries where the light is poor.

I don’t (yet) own one of these but I’ve considered getting one. The thing that’s prevented me from doing so is the price and the fact I’d have to ship it from overseas. If you have one, please let me know about your experiences, positive or negative.